Jim Proser

No Better Friend, No Worse Enemy

The Life of General James Mattis

"Proser offers a concise, fast-moving story of the battle career of the introspective and fiery General James Mattis, one of America's most intriguing and gifted military figures of the postwar era. From this lively portrait, Proser's Mattis emerges as our generation's composite of George S. Patton and Omar Bradley." Victor Davis Hanson, author of The Second World Wars

A new comment on “I’m Staying with My Boys…”

Posted on Feb 12, 2016

Hi Jim, I am currently at this moment as I write you this message reading your very very fine and very well written book on John Basilone ” I’m staying with my boys” this is one of my favorites of the hundreds of war books I have read in a few years and the close to a thousand I read in my life time thank you very much

Scott Bilota

Thank you, Scott.



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