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Daughters of Mengele

Posted on Oct 05, 2016

The thinking that seeks to move America forward from its founding, first principles is called Progressivism.  Progress is measured by the philosophical distance achieved from life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness toward more collectivist, progressive ideals.

For instance, early progressivism was articulated in the French revolution as fraternite’, liberte’, egalite’ – brotherhood, liberty and equality.  This motto expresses the European preference for collective rights over individual rights.  These two viewpoints are almost always incompatible.  In America, the God-given rights of the individual are sacred and inviolable. Arguably, they are the reason America exists at all.

The French rightly seized on the central idea of liberty in the American motto. Unfortunately for French royals, revolutionaries progressed from America’s pre-eminence of life – what with all the chopping off of “royal” heads and such – to brotherhood. This is possibly the first progressive milestone in history.

But why was such a radical shift of concept necessary? Wouldn’t it have been easier to adopt the biblically sanctioned concept of “life” for deeply Catholic French citizens? Especially since they were in love with all things American?  The obvious reason is murder.

Because the guilty and innocent alike were slaughtered, French revolutionaries couldn’t believably proclaim the sanctity of life.  The idea of life, the most fundamental human right, became a threat to the legitimacy of the revolution.  And so it was that the first principle of America, life, progressed to the first principal of all criminal gangs – brotherhood.


And so it was also, that a 21st century doctor, blithely described her clinical technique of routinely crushing a living child’s skull and pelvis.  Dr. Mary Nucatola, Senior Director for Medical Services of Planned Parenthood remarked over wine and salad: “We’ve been very good at getting heart, lung, liver, because we know that, so I’m not gonna crush that part, I’m gonna basically crush below, I’m gonna crush above, and I’m gonna see if I can get it all intact.”

This is to preserve the harvestable organs in the abdomen during an abortion.  She had a sip of wine then, with the presumed buyer of child body parts, actually an undercover reporter from the Center for Medical Progress, perhaps in celebration of the advance she’d pioneered in medical technique. Perhaps even in solidarity with the progressive revolution in American conscience.

In a separate video, Mary Gatter, Medical Director of Planned Parenthood, Los Angeles, calmly discusses the going market rates for freshly harvested child organs with this same presumed buyer.  She negotiated politely on the rates for specific organs as she enjoyed her healthy salad, untroubled by the transaction, even joking with her counterpart in the deal that she wants “a Lamborghini” in exchange for the aborted fetuses.


The original work in this revolutionary field of human vivisection was pioneered by Dr. Josef Mengele at a time and in a place where the sanctity of life was also abandoned and where more advanced political concepts held sway as they had with French revolutionaries.  And as they do today among their inheritors, American progressives.  Can there really be any doubt that life, the first principal of America and human civilization, is a victim of this “progress” ?




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  1. Michael Scully agrees. It reassures me and melts my heart to hear consonant tones in a place that used to be the safe harbor for all free people and now is a depot of every kind of issue-gun you want aimed at your head. David Tyree was a Disqus name I picked after he humiliated the Douche England Patriots in 2008, but my RIGHT WING AND CONSERVATIVE name is Michael Scully.

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