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No Better Friend, No Worse Enemy

The Life of General James Mattis

"Proser offers a concise, fast-moving story of the battle career of the introspective and fiery General James Mattis, one of America's most intriguing and gifted military figures of the postwar era. From this lively portrait, Proser's Mattis emerges as our generation's composite of George S. Patton and Omar Bradley." Victor Davis Hanson, author of The Second World Wars

If I Can Just Lift These Chains…

Posted on Jan 31, 2014

All my life I’ve only had one ambition and that was to be a great writer like Hemingway or Philip Roth or Vonnegut.  I’ve  been distracted a lot, by sex, by friends, by sex with friends, by movies, by deaths of loved ones.  These all took time – years.

Now I see how I’ve lost focus and how I’ve been discouraged.  These too, took time.  So I’ve paired my life down to one woman, one business and fewer friends.   I look at my few achievements and I am gratified that I’ve accomplished even the little I have but the past “hangs on me like chains” as Orson Welles once said after his second personal bottle of wine at lunch.

I have stories, so many more than I could ever tell and now a bit more time to tell them.  If I can just lift these chains a bit to free my hands.


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