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No Better Friend, No Worse Enemy

The Life of General James Mattis

"Proser offers a concise, fast-moving story of the battle career of the introspective and fiery General James Mattis, one of America's most intriguing and gifted military figures of the postwar era. From this lively portrait, Proser's Mattis emerges as our generation's composite of George S. Patton and Omar Bradley." Victor Davis Hanson, author of The Second World Wars

I’m Staying with My Boys…

Posted on Oct 10, 2015

Awarded the Marine Corps Commandant's Recommendation

Awarded the Marine Corps Commandant’s Recommendation

I’m Staying with My Boys is a firsthand look inside the life of one of the greatest heroes of the Greatest Generation. Sgt. John Basilone held off 3,000 Japanese troops at Guadalcanal after his 15-member unit was reduced to three men. At Iwo Jima he single-handedly destroyed an enemy blockhouse, allowing his unit to capture an airfield. Minutes later he was killed by an enemy artillery round. He was the only Marine in World War II to have received the Medal of Honor, the Navy Cross, and a Purple Heart and is arguably the most famous Marine of all time.

I’m Staying with My Boys is the only family-authorized biography of Basilone, and it features photographs never before published. Distinctive among military biographies, the story is told in first person, allowing readers to experience his transformation, forged in the horrors of battle, from aimless youth to war hero known as “Manila John”.

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  1. My best friend, Bill Lansford, served with Sgt. Basilone. Here is his review of the book, “For terrific writing and a brilliant portrait of the real John Basilone — and how he earned both the Medal of Honor and the Navy Cross — I don’t know of any book that comes even close to Jim Proser’s I’m Staying with My Boys. Since I had the privilege of serving with Basilone before and during the Iwo Jima campaign, reading it brought back many memories of a true hero and a wonderful friend. This book is heading onto the best seller lists, loaded with all the excitement any reader could ask for.”
    William Douglas Lansford
    Author of Pancho Villa

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