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School-iosis: A Curvature of the American Spine

Posted on Mar 06, 2018

You might begin to suspect that the people disparaging an immediate and aggressive armed response to America’s school shootings are the same people who claimed “War is not the answer” to attacks (on schoolchildren and everyone else) by ISIS.  Especially now that many of those bumper stickers have disappeared since ISIS was swiftly annihilated by Mr. Trump and Mr. Mattis.  Come to think of it, I didn’t see many before ISIS either, when we quickly crushed the Taliban after 9/11.  Hm?

It seems war was also not the answer when Mr. George W. Bush and company let the swift American victory over Saddam Hussein in 2001, also led by Mr. Mattis in a blitzkrieg of only 17 days, lapse into depressing months of insurgency throughout Iraq.  Of course, those who knew war was not the answer disappeared again with the success of “the surge” that caused the thoroughly unpredictable restoration of peace in Iraq.  Who could have imagined such a thing?!  Again, you’d think these reliable pundits of peace might have recognized a pattern that any schoolchild could see.  Especially schoolchildren who have recently been through an armed attack.

But no, they’re baaaack. Only this time they proclaim “No More Guns” since “Guns are Not the Answer” was too close to the embarrassing slogan of the past.  In fairness, “No More Guns” is a punchy soundbite that provides an obvious answer to a stricken people.  They know from long experience, these unerring guide dogs of peace, that it’s not really an answer at all and has no chance of achieving peace or safety.  They know, just like Socialists know, that the theory sounds inarguably correct, it’s just that the millions of people who have tried it dozens of times didn’t quite get it right.  This time it’s a sure thing.  No More Guns, yeah, that’s the ticket.  They know, in their hearts, when all pretense is dropped, that it is simply a political ploy – a catchy phrase to push the momentarily weakened toward the “progressive” cause of gun control.

Now American schoolchildren, even in mourning for their classmates and afraid for themselves, know that irresponsible adults have failed to keep them safe for decades.  They know or will soon realize that “No More Guns” is a hollow and cynical slogan.  After all, there are always plenty of guns around for important adults.  Once they graduate from grade school to university and then from university to places of business, armed security is everywhere.  They know violent and mentally unstable adults are dealt with swiftly and frequently by other adults carrying guns.  They know they will have to demand the armed protection guaranteed to them by the responsible adults who created America.


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