Jim Proser

No Better Friend, No Worse Enemy

The Life of General James Mattis

* Nominated for the 2019 Col. Joseph Alexander Award for Biography by the US Marine Corps Heritage Foundation

Speaker Topics

Culture of Corruption: How Organized Crime Corrupted America

Why do 85% of America’s middle managers think it’s acceptable to steal?  Why doesn’t the medical establishment in America cure diseases anymore, but only “manages” them? Why do leading politicians boldly lie without consequences?

It didn’t use to be this way.  In this engaging conversation, author Jim Proser examines the roots of American corruption that began in the 1920’s with Prohibition.  He challenges audiences to view his extensive research on the ethics of recent generations as compared to today.  The shocking realizations of the widespread corruption and collapse of ethical culture that have become commonplace in America and Europe will leave listeners aghast and inspire further discussions on modern ethics.

Our Free Speech is Under Attack: The First Amendment is First for a Reason

An 11 year old boy, a sixth grader, insulted a vegetarian classmate saying, “Vegetarians are idiots.”

The Montgomery County School District, that employs 10 “Anti-Bullying” specialists determined that the comment was “motivated by a distinguishing characteristic, vegetarianism, which substantially interfered with the rights of K.S.” (the offended child)

The offending boy was punished with 5 lunchtime detentions.

It is unlikely that this particular sixth grader will ever speak freely again to a classmate. And so, his right of free speech is greatly diminished, or possibly destroyed for life.  It is also unlikely that the offended vegetarian student will ever feel the need to defend his beliefs, or develop the ability to do so in a free exchange of ideas.  He too, has had his free speech right diminished permanently.

Consider the “speech codes” now ubiquitous on college campuses and the new civil code in New York City that provides for a $250,000 fine if a business owner uses the wrong pronoun in transacting business with a transgendered person.

This compelling examination of just how far we have let our First Amendment right be corroded is a wake up call to all who cherish freedom.  Numerous current examples are cited and suggestions on legal and elective remedies are offered for review and audience interaction.

Disconnection: Intimacy in the Information Age

Did you know that…

In less than 20 years, the romantic encounters for young people have largely been reduced from an extended cycle of intimate connection-building to a web-based instant gratification function.  This provocative subject engages audiences of all ages to assess what has been lost in the rapid decline of romance in modern culture. 

How does the simultaneous decline in mainstream religion impact this phenomenon?  Are intimate conversation, seduction and sex now just commodities that are bought, sold and taxed?  Is this part of the reason orthodox cultures like Islam reject and seek to destroy us?

Heroes: Who are They and Why Do We Need Them?

Acts of selfless heroism are almost common in the right circumstances, but what are those circumstances and what makes ordinary people become heroic?   This enlightening discussion explores the depths of human motivation using the life of Gunnery Sgt. John Basilone, USMC as a focal point. 

In 3 years of research on Sgt. Basilone, one of America’s most remarkable heroes of World War 2, author Jim Proser uncovered a “warrior code” that exists in all of us and is called upon in extraordinary circumstances, frequently at our own expense.   But what triggers this heroic response?  Can it be cultivated?   Is it involuntary or unreliable?   All of these intriguing questions are explored and answered in this exciting presentation.

Mr. Proser’s documentary film “I’m Staying with My Boys…” based on his award-winning novel of the same name is available to be shown as part of this presentation upon request.

The Emperor’s New Disease: Wellness in the Age of Big Pharma

Between 2003 and 2011, the success rate for clinical drug trials fell, the time from trial to approval rose, and the ratio of approved drugs to trial drugs declined. These are all signs that the drug pipeline is drying up. Drug companies have been spending much of their time pushing drugs of questionable clinical advantage, this is a marketing tactic called “disease mongering” by critics of the new medical marketplace.

In this frank talk, writer and speaker Jim Proser exposes the age of Big Pharma as the wholesale corruption of global medical ethics and institutions – from skewed university drug testing to profit-driven hospital and insurance practices, to generous prescription kickbacks for doctor’s.  Don’t take any new medication until you hear this riveting talk.

Speaking Universal Body Language: Become Your Own Doctor, Dentist and Drugstore

Disease is simply a “language” that your body uses to communicate with you.  Small diseases like allergies and asthma are your body speaking clearly to you about what it needs and doesn’t need.  Large diseases like cancer and diabetes are your body screaming at you to wake up before it’s to late!

In this life-saving talk, Jim Proser reveals the elements of Universal Body Language learned from his interviews with hundreds of healers and doctors on his Wellness Revolution internet teleseminar show.  We have given up our natural healing power to traditional doctors or new age “healers” who approach wellness with a narrow field of assumptions about the body.  Actual, wide-ranging research shows that our body is the only healer worth listening to, but you must understand the  universal “language” of the body for rapid healing and long-term health.

Why AIDS is Dead and Magic Johnston is Still Alive

“A quarter of a century after the outbreak of AIDS, the World Health Organization (WHO) has accepted that the threat of a global heterosexual pandemic has disappeared.”
Statement issued by the World Health Organization, October, 2001

Disappeared! An epidemic just vanished!?

The roots of our current Age of Big Pharma began with the wholesale corruption of the global medical establishment in the 1980’s.   Public panic over the  “epidemic” of AIDS caused governments around the world to relinquish decision making about public health policies to a small group of researchers, physicians and pharmaceutical executives fighting the disease. This talk is a case study that clearly illustrates the maxim “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Listen to this talk and you will understand why everything you thought you knew about AIDS may be wrong.